Video: 2 Alarm Fire in Alcántara, Chile

Video by: Juan Luis Insunza. Video info: (translated) Past 4 AM a Second Alarm Fire on The Street and Apoquindo Torcasas pleaded. The first unit in the place was the BX20 developed whose crew found fire on the first floor of a 12-story medical building. Because when the structure was unoccupied. By getting advance teams found that the fire had spread vertically by electric products featuring flames in the distribution corridor, opposite the elevators on all floors from 2 to 10. In the 11th and 12th floor temperature was higher and the fire spread through much of the ground coming through the windows of the back of the building. The fire was controlled around 6 AM and suffocated before 10 PM. Attended by nearly 170 firefighters and volunteers no casualties or injuries were reported.

Further info shared: 2 alarm fire in Santiago Chile yesterday (jan 29) around 4am local time. High rise fire with flames in 11 and 12 floor. Smoke banked down to the first floor. First unit to arrive was BX20. The “box” was filled by B14, Q15 and Mx15. This is a volunteer fire department.

santiago chile building fire