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Video: WTF? Can You Identify The Animal That Escapes From This Overturned Tanker?

At the :42 mark in this video, an animal escapes from inside the overturned tanker. I don't know what to make of it. Is it a platypus? If it is, or if it isn't…what the heck is it doing in the tanker in the first place? Hat tip to Jonathan Wheeler Jr. for sharing the video.

The video is from June…"The driver of this Alberton Volunteer Fire Department pumper truck misjudged the driveway it was about the back up into and overturned in the steep ditch. Two tow trucks managed to get the truck upright and out of the ditch."

platypus in tanker video

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Comments - Add Yours

  • Jan

    Well, I guess its an fully grown male from the species "aerobaggus paratectica"..


  • Corey

    Looked like a platypus or a beaver. If it was an animal it was probably in the tile that passes under the roadway.

  • Duayne


  • Joe JJ

    Air bags DO NOT crawl away people!!!!

    Maybe a platypus or a wolverine!!

  • Zach

    looks like an air bag


    okay that was definitely an alien.

  • Sharppointy1

    Rhett, it was the driver that tipped the tanker over trying to make a quiet escape. If not, I have to agree with MAEMTB!

  • emily

    uhh… you can see the blue rope in the video.. so it was not an animal and it WASNT CRAWLING…. and the way it moves.. you can tell it was being dragged.. people are so god damn gullible its rediculous. and why in the name of god, would an animal have two neon, horizontal stripes around its body??  -.- just saying.


  • Peiff

    It's actually an air bag not an animal lol

  • joe

    lol airbag, not a alien , not a skunk lmao, never seen a skunk with yellow lines going horrizontal hahaha, too funny

    • joe

      and it did not crawl away , you have too tie a rope or something too it so you can pull it away once the object is lifted , not too many people wanna stand under a tanker while it is being pulld up like that


  • pgfirefighter355

    Rhett, If this is just a bit of humor then my apologies. (its Late) but the Black item appears to be a High pressure airbag. I guess to help overcome the angle of lift for the wrecker.

    • The Fire Critic

      you got me…