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“I’ve Just Got This Car”…Hilarious Music Video of How Cops Really Want to be Firefighters

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  • Justin

    Sure cops want to be firemen, what other job can you run into somebody home with an axe and chop it and all their furniture to pieces and have them run up to you and thank you! A cop kicks down a door on a medical emergency and he gets sued!

  • Cheryl Hanson

    next to poopouri best video ever on internet!!!!

  • DVP

    Love this, as a cop in the UK. The fire trucks here are not that sexy LOL.

  • tony

    love this vid. did both jobs for 20 yrs and its a good time on both sides. great comrades

  • Mike Reiter

    How do I get one of those toilet paper roll tshirts? I need one for my capt.

  • KC

    That’s a funny video, I sure would hate to work an accident without the FD!! They always are there to help

  • Xavier Onassis

    Awesome video! True talent.

  • Kevin

    Firemen dont get to kick the poop out of a bad guys, cops do LOL, both are great, putting thier lives on the line for all of us.



  • Brenda Bush

    I'd love to see on on firement by cops.  When I worked for AMR, we called the fire guys our location beacons.  They always got there first!  More of them than us.

  • larry

    LOL, got a lot of wannabes out there..LOL

  • Shawn W

    As a police officer for the past 20+ years I must admit the hose handlers did a good job on the video. Besides its traditional for someone to mock their heroes!!

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