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Video: Apartment Fire in Lakewood, Colorado (2 videos)

This fire occurred on August 16,2013

Video by: Brandy Morgan

Fire crews from West Metro and Denver were fighting a huge fire at an apartment complex at W. Jewell Ave. and Depew St.

Flames raged on the third floor of a 3-story apartment building at 5745 W. Atlantic Place in Lakewood. It’s just inside Lakewood city limits.

West Metro Fire spokeswoman Michelle French says the first 911 calls came at 8:01 and the first firefighters arrived at 8:06. Crews said the fire was under control by about 9:00 p.m.


Video by: SuperStarman777

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  • George Mitchell

    That is the very same reason why i advised our landlord to invest in fire rated glazing systems. You will never know when will the incident occur.

  • Jacob thomas

    Condolence to all the family. Sad incident though.