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Must See Video: This is Humanity at its Best. A dying child, a distraught father and a tattooed stranger

Video by: WeAreChange Gloucestershire. Video info: A lifeless child is rushed into a store and into the hands of a remarkable man, a hero. Rowan O’Neill was shopping in Perth, Australia, when a panicked mother brought her unconscious 2-year-old to the checkout counter and begged for help. O’Neil fought to bring the baby back to life.

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  • Bill Carey

    Tears in this father’s eyes.
    Gives us a little hope for humanity…

    Glad to read the little girl survived.
    Certainly a crystal clear example of why CPR should be taught to EVERYONE; without Mr. O’Neill’s immediate actions Shaylar would have died long before “we” got there.

  • Sharif Ashhab

    It brought tears to my eyes. Thank God for people like that. I am so far away and it just moved me to the core. The good in people is there but life keeps us busy with our own little worlds.