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French Firefighters Test New Technique at Fighting Fire WITHOUT Water!

My working title was “European Firefighters Will Do Anything Not to Fight Fire with Water”. Obviously, I am kidding, yet I am sure that there will be many who won’t get the humor. The play is about how many European Firefighters believe that American Firefighters are too aggressive, take too many risks, and die when we shouldn’t.

The video was shared on SEPAF Facebook and came with the following text (translated):

Fire extinguishing demonstration car with firefighters from Saint Omer.
Coverage can be used by any public, car dealers, garages, parking, underground car park etc. …
coverage for a general public.?

The video and company who produces this product are from France.

To be completely honest, there might be a useful application for this technique…somewhere. Do they make one that fits over a house?

Has anyone used one of these? What did you think?

Some more information (translated from SEPAF Facebook page):

8 March 2012, a massive fire left one vehicle ravaged the underground parking of the Place Vendome in Paris. Result: more than 100 firefighters mobilized for more than 6 hours, 25 vehicles involved, 30 vehicles destroyed, and other structures damaged by smoke and intense heat cars.

Youtube video below


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  • Jeroen

    I wouldn’t recommend it for use by the public. It still is a car fire and tires can explode, so it still is dangerous to apply the blanket. I found a video on the internet from I believe it’s Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where they try to do the same, but the result is a bit different:

    But with some training I think it could work. By smaller fires or by chemical fires it would be great. If you use one of these by a chemical fire, you don’t have the problem of contaminated water that run into nature.

  • Tree

    Wait! You mean we could put out a car fire without using the BRT? No hose lines? No foam? Maybe no air packs? Just pull a cover over the burning vehicle and wait for the fire to go out?

    Oh, the inhumanity!