Meet Firefighter Joe Francisco. He’s Lost 152 Pounds in 9 Months

You might remember Mikey Johnson’s story I posted back in October “The Thinning of Today’s Fire Service“. Mikey had lost 150 lbs. in 6 months.

The story below is another one I am very happy to share with you about a young man making a huge lifestyle change to live a healthier life. This should serve as motivation for others to set out to make similar changes in their lives.

I referenced an article on Fire Service Warrior about philosophy and being a “fit firefighter” in the previous post and I would like to share it again with you. Take a second to read the article here.

Meet Joe Francisco

Joe Francisco is a local Firefighter in Roanoke County, VA. He volunteers at the Catawba Volunteer Fire Department #4 “The Fightin’ Fourth”. I had the pleasure of meeting Joe recently when Captain Wines and I stopped by for the evening. Catawba VFD is first due to Captain Wines homestead. Joe joined the department in 2008.

The reason why I am writing about Joe is not because he is a firefighter, it is because Joe has lost 152 lbs. since August of 2012. I think it is amazing. Hell, I only weigh 146 lbs…so he has lost the equivalent of one of me.

Joe is 26 years old and 6′ tall. At 25, he weighed 491 lbs. Today, just 9 months later he weighs 339.

His weight loss began on August 4, 2012 when his beloved Grandpa died. In the following two weeks, Joe lost 25 lbs that he attributes to stress over the loss. He was astonished by the sudden loss in weight so he told himself “well I might as well try to lose more”. Joe cut out soda and the only bread he ate was tortilla. He continued his weight loss over the next 8 months and lost 134 lbs WITHOUT working out.

He was so amped over his continued weight loss and progress that he joined Planet Fitness and Complete Nutrition here in Roanoke, VA. This would enable him to continue his journey, get fit, and make the most of it!

In his own words:

Joe and his father playing bluegrass at the swinging bridge restaurant in paint pank

I’ve lost a total of 152 lbs thus far and let me tell you I have never felt better! I haven’t been this weight since I was in 9th grade! Now I have ENDLESS amounts of energy! I sleep all throughout the night before I was waking up 4 or 5 times a night I had high blood pressure I was at the beginning stages of sleep apnea and now …. NONE OF THOSE PROBLEMS EXIST!   Most importantly for once I am happy! I feel alive! 

In his spare time, Joe enjoys playing the guitar and banjo…and long walks on the beach!

Guys like Mikey and Joe should be an inspiration to all of us. I know I use their dedication and commitment to motivate myself!

Leave a comment below to give a word of encouragement to Joe! If you know him, tell him what a great job he is doing!