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Video: Ungrateful Citizen Needs Education in Bridgeport, CT. Irrational Rant Posted on Youtube.

Warning: Language below and in the video

I admit that when I first watched this I wanted to get on here and let it fly. Then I thought about it a minute. Why stoop to his level. What this guy needs is an education. He doesn’t understand what they are doing and he is ungrateful. He needs to be educated on what we do, what those guys were doing, and why they were doing it.

They need to turn this into something positive. Let’s not be as irrational as this guy and make it up to him. Stop by and apologize, explain to him why you were there, what you were doing, and why you need to do it.

By his comments below, it is obvious this guy has larger issues than just this one with the firefighters…so maybe we should just let it rest.

What do you think?

The video is by John P.¬†This is what he typed along with the video: Here we have the Bridgeport, Connecticut Fire Department playing around with their ladder truck across the street from my house. The wind is blowing in my direction so my house is full of diesel fumes! I can’t do any work outside, can’t even let my dogs out! There are plenty of spots around here where they can play with their toys but they choose to park directly across the street from people’s homes, here in an area where childhood asthma is near 100%! In addition the truck is taking up an entire public parking area. They left about 1/2 hour ago but my house is still full of toxic fumes! God, I hate this fucking city! I guess Assholes do come in all shapes, sizes, colors and uniforms!

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  • Dr G

    There are a lot of politically correct responses here, but in all fairness the guy making the video and complaint is an anti-social butthole. Unfortunately the world is full of this type of individual. They will complain about fire crews training on one hand and then complain that a fire response was too slow and incompetent the next.

    One person posted that this guy is a serial complainer. He needs to be exposed as just that. If he does not like his neighborhood, then maybe he should just move elsewhere.

  • Chris Hancock

    Let him know that since it is an inconvenience to him for them to train near his houe that it will be an inconvenience for them to respond to his house when he needs them! A-holes like him don’t deserve the protection of public services, if they are just going to bitch about them.

  • Gary

    Maybe he just do all of society a favor and eat a F***ING BULLET.

  • jim d.

    uh, the dude is a “Yankee”. Yankees are obnoxious. end of story.

  • Dan c.

    Just a guy who failed the firefighter exam and tractor trailer school. Thats when he realized he was a complete and utter failure that has sucked at everything he has tried to do in life. Miserable little prick has nothing else to do except try and leave his mark in this world even if with a video camera.Probably enjoys reading these comments(assuming he can read)with the language he was using he has demonstrated a low IQ so lets assume he bombed High School too. Time for waste managment to take out the trash.

  • gareath

    wow hope his house doesnt catch fire…he might need those guys …o well life goes on

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  • Grant Mishoe

    His house was built in 1920. The construction probably is lacking.