Best of the Rest – Nuts, Bees, Brotherhood, Hazing, Detroit, NFE, NFFF, and More via The Fire Critic!

I admit that one of the coolest things about The Fire Critic Facebook Page is the questions that the readers ask me either via message or on the page. They want answers. They want the truth. They can’t handle..alright enough of that. The questions range from broad to detailed and encompass the entire scope of Fire & EMS. I appreciate the questions and try to share every one of them on the page. You will see them in the form of a question followed by [ – Question from a Brother]. Keep them rolling. The last one I put up was one I thought of all on my own (I do that occasionally…think that is). The question “Do you wear your wedding ring on duty? Why or why not?” is sitting at 207 comments.

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Rom Duckworth writes at Rescue Digest. Recently he belted out an excellent article on Brotherhood and then he followed that up with an article about The Fire Critic and Iron Firemen. It is nice to get a little press every now and again. We met Rom in Denver last year at FRI, although that might not have been the first time. Thanks Rom!

Paul Hasenmeier is taking notes from Captain Wines and writing about his firehouse life. His blog First Due Tackle’s latest post is about the rookie, or as he has earned the nickname Sweat Bee. Learn how he earned that nickname here.

MN8 FoxFire has a new shirt out “Real Women Love Firefighters, The Rest Marry Cops”. Check out the new shirt here.

Curt Varone has a “nutty” story “Foolish Act in Ohio Creates New Nightmare for New Colorado Chief“. Curt features the legal side of things on his blog interestingly titled Fire Law Blog. I think the story is NUTS! ha

Rescuing Providence is passing along some great information from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and Everyone Goes Home Program. RESPONSE TO VIOLENT INCIDENTS: Nine Questions You Should Ask. Questions inspired by 2012 Violent Incident Summit with IAFC, CFSI, NFFF, NFPA & NVFC.  Read more about it here.

Dave Statter has an interesting story about Firefighters having some fun and others finding it to be hazing. I think where they went wrong was going out in public with the messed up hair-cuts. We have to at least look professional! Read about it here.

The Disputanta VFD (VA) is the latest to offer great helmet camera footage. They even used some dash camera footage in this house fire video from the 16th of January. Check out the video here.

FireGeezer has the story about 50% something EMS is messed up in Detroit. Am I the only one who feels horrible for these guys? We read every day about how freakin bad it is up there….is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Read about the latest news here.

The National Firefighters Endowment is proud to present a check on behalf of the Officers Club, to Union Deposit Fire Company #47, to purchase new air cylinders. These air cylinders will allow their firefighters to safely enter hazardous conditions to perform life and property saving services to their community. Check out more on the story here.

Benjamin A. Metzger, represented the Officers Club, presented the Union Deposit Fire Company #47 their check for $5000.

I will leave you with a two alarm chimney fire in North Whitehall, PA