Helmet Camera Video: Defensive “Blitz” Attack Used Prior to Making Interior Attack on House Fire in Nov. Whitehall, PA Fire

This video is for a house fire back in November in Whitehall Township, PA. The Helmet camera footage catches a blitz attack (that’s what we call it) via defensive position prior to making an interior attack on the fire. Not something I see everyday. Have you ever used a blitz attack?

Outside video of the fire can be seen in a separate video below uploaded back when the fire occurred.

Video from firtog

11.15.12 @ 0335 hrs Stations 36 and 37 were dispatched to 820 4th St for the Dwelling Fire, while crews were responding WPD and 3501 confirmed a working fire. Squad 36 arrives first due and goes in service with a 2.5 and Deck Gun to darken
down the fire. E3712 arrives and lays a supply the crew then takes a 1 3/4 from 3611 and makes the front door. A 3rd line is then stretched to the rear for crews to make the basement, the Truck 36 Crew goes to the roof and opens up. A 4th line is pulled from 3611 and is used to knock down exterior fire on the building, All searches are negative and the fire is under control in about an hour. Crews will remain on location for most of the day for fire watch and investigative purposes…

Second video below originally uploaded back in November by newsworking from an exterior point of view.