The Change Begins – Training and Dieting For a Goal

I am drinking a beer as I type this. The last beer until the middle of May…the last of many things until the middle of May. Read on to find out why.

Over a year ago, my wife began an epic journey into what many wouldn’t even think of. My wife is an extraordinary woman. She works a career with Advance Auto Parts, at their corporate center in Roanoke. She is the breadwinner of the family. Among working, keeping the family going, and supporting me in all of my endeavors, she wanted more. She began working out. She wasn’t overweight, but just like me she hadn’t taken care of her body the way she should have. Once she began her workout program, she put her sights on competing in a figure and/or bikini competition.

This is my breaking point as captured by paparazzi on the beaches of North Carolina in August of 2011.

She put all of her spare time into working out and dieting to get ready for the competition. This is where I benefited. Not only was my wife in the best shape of her life and hotter than ever, she got me into working out. For that I will be ever indebted to my wife…yet another example of how she has made me a better man.

So there I was…following along with The Fire Service Warrior, becoming an advocate for healthier firefighters, and beginning to finally becoming fit for the first time since I had been hired as a full-time firefighter about 12 years prior.

This was just over a year ago.

My wife didn’t get to compete. It broke my heart. She had worked so hard…come so far. She had dieted for months, never once cheating…not even a morsel. Due to health reasons she is still battling, she was unable to compete. We only found out a month before her competition…From doctor to doctor we sought answers.

The good news is that I believe we have found out what was wrong. The bad news is that it might be something that she has issues with for the rest of her life.

The GREAT news is that she is planning on competing again.

What does this have to do with me?…I am going to compete with her.

That’s right. I am going to compete as well. It is a bodybuilding competition. I have worked out with my wife two times a week for over a year. That time is priceless for us. She even has a personal trainer. He is a great guy. Robbie Royston, our personal trainer, might have more fun than us when he trains us.

And so it begins…the dieting and consistent working out. Working out will not be a problem. I have worked out 2-5 times a week for over a year. With the exception of the past 3 weeks when I was injured, it has been constant and I am loving it.

I have yet to get into the CrossFit workout. I haven’t had the chance. It isn’t an excuse. I get a free membership to our local Gold’s Gym, my wife works out there, and I can work out with other firefighters. It just makes sense. I am not ruling out CrossFit in the future, but it isn’t in the cards right now.

I do not know what will happen in the end. I am not doing this to win. I am doing this for me. I am doing this to see what I look like after a strict diet. After that, we will see where I go from there.

More than likely, my frame will go from the current 165 lbs. to 140-145 lbs. It will be interesting to see how it all goes.

There are actually two competitions I will be competing in with my wife.

April 20th – INBF Pro/Amatuer Mr/Ms Virginia

May 5th – OCB Atlantic Super Show

That means that I will not be drinking at FDIC…not to worry, I am just as much fun sober as I am drunk!

Needless to say, this will be a huge challenge. Starting tomorrow, I will be on a protein rich diet coupled with working out. The strict diet will also be enjoyed by my wife. I cannot wait until the day we are in Richmond having a blast…half naked…sculpted…and loving it!

I think she is only doing this because she knows she is capable of it…it doesn’t matter to me. I appreciate all of the prodding she has done for me this far.

Beyond my wife, so many of my Brother and Sister Firefighters are inspirations to me. I appreciate all of the help thus far and on with this challenge. I will keep you posted on the program.

I just hope I have the will power for it.