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2012 Year in Review of

2012 was another great year in the books for myself,, and for many of my friends. It amazes me how many great and wonderful people I get to network with throughout the year. Every day offers new experiences, meeting new people, celebrating accomplishments, and witnessing the best the Fire/EMS Service has to offer.

This past year, Captain Wines and I were able to travel more than ever. We couldn’t do it without our families supporting us along the way. As much as we accomplished behind the keyboard, travelling, and speaking…I was able to keep my priorities straight. I buckled down this year and sold along with a couple other sites. I put an end to a couple of other failing sites. I am now able to focus solely  on That gives me even more time with the family.

I won’t bore you with stats, but has grown. Our Facebook Page has increased to over 16,000 fans. It continues to mold itself into a part of a community that is much bigger than you and I. That community is the Brotherhood of the Fire/EMS Service. We will continue to show everyone that it was never gone, it just needs polish.

Keep your head up, keep your chin up, work out, train, study, be good stewards, and infect others with the passion that we have.

I hope to provide more fun, humor, news, information, links, and everything else that The Fire Critic embodies. Keep sending in your links, information, stories, and pictures!

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Top articles for 2012

They are in order of #1 – #20 and they are the most read stories during 2012.

  1. The Best of Motivational…or Demotivational Firefighting Posters
  2. Fire Chief Tim Smith Stars in Show About Moonshiners in Virginia
  3. Part II – The Best of Fire & EMS Motivational and Demotivational Posters
  4. Top Ten 2012 Female Firefighter Calendars
  5. Four Firefigthers Shot, Two Killed While Battling House Fire in West Webster, NY
  6. Top Ten Female Firefighter Calendars
  7. Top Ten 2012 Male Firefighters Calendars
  8. Top Ten Hot & Sexy Firefighter Calendars for 2011
  9. Aggressive Interior Attack Helmet Cam Footage. Would you have gone in?
  10. My Take on the whole Porn Star Turned Medic Issue
  11. Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters 2009
  12. 9/11 Naudet Film in its Entirety Online
  13. Hilarious Video: Firefighter VS Police Officer VS Structure Fire
  14. Dallas Firefighters Sued after Rescuing Two Dogs From Trunk of Car
  15. Top Ten 2013 Female Firefighter Calendars
  16. Video: Retiree Falls For the Neverending Dishes Prank…Takes it like a Man!
  17. Top Ten 2013 Male Firefighter Calendars
  18. Top Ten Christmas Gifts For Firefighters 2012
  19. Android Applications for the Fire & EMS Service
  20. Video: Just How Fast Does Fire Spread? Watch This Fire Grow Pretty Quickly

Top referring web sites

Excluding search engines, Twitter, and Facebook

  10. Average Jake Firefighter

Top Users by Country

Willie and I keep saying we are huge in Germany!

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. New Zealand
  8. Netherlands
  9. India
  10. Ireland
  11. Philippines
  12. Italy
  13. Sweden
  14. Mexico
  15. Belgium

Traffic Sources Overview for 2012

  1. Referral Traffic 45.99%
  2. Search Traffic 37.35%
  3. Direct Traffic 15.27%
  4. Other1.39%
Referral traffic is up 10% while direct traffic fell 10%. What the HELL does that mean?

Top Keywords for 2012

  1. The Fire Critic (or a variation of the fire critic)
  2. Moonshiners Fake
  3. Tim Smith Moonshine
  4. sexy firemen
  5. demotivational posters
  6. gifts for firefighters
  7. sexy firefighters
  8. female firefighter calendar
  9. motivational posters
  10. firefighter
  11. Jerry Perdomo
  12. Russ Neary
  13. Nathan Norman
  14. Firehouse Pranks
  15. Invisible Fire

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