Helmet Cam Video: This Truckie Works Like a Machine at a House Fire in Landsdowne, PA

I shouldn’t have to tell you how much of a fan I am of helmet camera footage. In the video below, we get to “ride along” with an OVM (Outside Vent Man) riding the truck for the Landsdowne Fire Company (PA). Watch the deliberate and obviously learned actions by this firefighter as he sets ladders and clears windows during a bedroom fire.

Update: The fire was is Yeadon, Pa. With Lansdowne Truck 19 and East Lansdowne Engine 24 arriving first due.

Check out the Landsdowne Fire Company web site

Check out their Youtube channel too

About the video:

ELFD Engine 24 and LFCO Truck 19 making quick work of a bedroom fire. Helmet camera footage is from the Outside Vent Man’s helmet camera. Check out FDcam.com