Nathan Norman’s Christmas: Bringing out the Best in Us

Nathan Norman is an exceptional child who lives in Rustburg, Virginia (near Lynchburg). I say exceptional, because he and his family (parents and 3 siblings) have found a way to bring out the best in the us during the Christmas season. Us being firefighters, law enforcement, EMT’s, Dispatchers, secret service, military, and many others.

Nathan is stricken by cancer. His parents and friends created the a Facebook page to spread the word about Nathan and help Nathan celebrate Christmas early. I will allow you to check out the Facebook page and web sites to get the full story. I don’t want to misspeak about any details.

Nathan has been through so much…he is a trooper. He is an inspiration.

The Normans:  Sarah, who is almost 10 (youth large) ; Matthew, who is 7 (youth large);  Nathan, who is 5 years old (youth medium); and Tabitha, who is 2 year old (youth small).

Visit the Facebook Page Nathan’s Christmas: The PAGE

The Norman’s

What I would like to do is offer my point of view for what Nathan has done for us. What you do from there is up to you.

Nathan’s story is another great example of how our heart strings are tugged on, we support an effort well worth supporting, and we grow because of it. Nathan represents a unified cause we can support together. He has brought us together, separating what matters from all those little things which don’t matter. While we can’t eradicate the cancer from Nathan’s body, we CAN send him a card, a patch, a coin, a gift, or simply share his story so others can see it.

People have traveled as far away as New York and North Carolina to see him. Departments in the area have hosted him to have a day of fun.

Use this opportunity to take a photo of your crew, turn it into a Christmas card and send it to Nathan and his family.

Captain Wines (, Crosstitched, and I have sent a challenge coin, patch, and 4 shirts (one for each of the Norman children).

Nathan Norman

Many of the personal and personalized gifts are being kept for Nathan and his family. Some of the other items, gifts, and toys have been placed in almost 3000 bags to be given to other children who are going through similar experiences.

Nathan (and his family) Get it!

Thank Nathan, and thanks to the Norman Family. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing us to be a part of Nathan’s life. We appreciate it.

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Address for cards:
81 Dunivan Dr
Rustburg, VA 24588

On December 9th, local first responders and the crew of Life Evac met Nathan and his family at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. Fire Rescue TV was on scene to capture the moment. Their initial video is below. They will be editing a longer version in the near future.