We Aren’t Victims, We Are Firefighters

Would you like to know what I am sick of?

I will tell you anyways…

I am sick and tired of us victimizing ourselves for what we do and comparing ourselves to other professions, jobs, hobbies, vocations, and lifestyles.

We don’t play for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, or any other high paid professional sport. We aren’t high paid lawyers, pimps, or politicians. We aren’t City Hall dwellers, or desk jockeys.

We are firefighters…public servants…and we need to start acting like it. We offer a public service.

We don’t get paid to play games, sports, sleep, or eat. We don’t get paid to watch tv, go shopping, or look cool.

We get paid for our service, bravery, courage, dedication, duty, knowledge, experience, determination, skill, integrity, vigilance, perseverance, and ability to fix anything.

They get the honor, respect, pride, sacrifice, passion, commitment, and tradition for free.

We are firefighters.

Nobody wants to see firefighters whining about being underpaid compared to NFL players. It is unbecoming. We are better than that.

I have never met a firefighter who is in it to get rich.

Sure, many of us make a living as firefighters…but if we were in search of getting rich (wealth), we would have picked a different occupation.

Our actions need to be seen, not heard.

If you want the public to see what you do then show it to them. Get out in front of them. Participate in local events, in uniform, with your shiny fire engine. Teach the public who you are and what you do. Let them decide.

Wear pink in October, have open houses, invite families in for birthday parties, have a cookout for the neighborhood, participate in parades and other events…I hope you get the idea.

Most importantly, as Rick Lasky and others would say… DO THE RIGHT THING (DTRT).

Clarification offered by me in the Facebook comments below: I am not saying “don’t fight for higher wages”. I am saying “don’t post that you should make what NFL players make on Facebook because you are a self proclaimed hero”. I am all for bargaining for better wages (done professionally). I am sick of the “overpaid firefighters” posters and “we should be your hero” images.