Motley Crews – Maryland to California (25 photos)

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Lt. Dan Kennedy sent in this photo of Merrionette Park FD which is a POC/VOL department. The crews vary by call. For the last couple fires this has been the crew to have. From left to right Probie Ruane, Engineer Hornung, Engineer Gauracio and myself Lieutenant Kennedy. I know why Kennedy is the Lt….he is the only one with a name everyone can pronounce. The shame is that the Lt. thinks he got it on merit alone!

WRECKMPIKE141912 –AREA– 4/19/2012 Frederick Co. Fire and Rescue personnel prepare to transport patient to an ambulance at the scene of a two vehicle accident on the northbound lanes of Martinsburg Pike at Welltown Rd. Thurs. morning. –GINGER PERRY– submitted by Will Catlett

Dana Fuego sent in her crew during extrication training. SAFD 32’s Platform Truck.

Blue Mound Fire Department (Texas).  From left to right, Darrel Brummett, Shane Skiles, James Temple, Josh Goodson, and Jon Dahlvig. There are reports that Chuck Norris banged out sick on the day this photo was taken.

Hampden-Sydney Fire Department (VA). This isn’t the usual crew…this puts the usual crew to shame! This is the Battleground Martial Arts and Leadership Academy. Read more about it here:

The crew of Odenton VFC Engine 282 after extinguishing a house fire in Gambrills, MD – 19 May 12. Word is that this photo took 32 takes! jk

This is Portsmouth, Ohio fire department crew 2. We had just returned from a fire at a foundry. Submitted by Tim Alger. Do work!

Training fire, Wetumpka, Alabama. The safety nazi’s will note that #163 does not have gloves on…

Staunton Fire Department’s A-Shift. Submitted by Captain Perry Weller. Looking great guys! I like the rainbow of helmet colors!

Submitted by Zak Delair. Quick…everyone pick up some hose!

Rescue 11, Perry-Clear Cree Fire Protection District, Monroe County, Indiana. Left to Right: Assistant Chief Joey McWhorter Jr., FF Clayton Dillard, FF Jordan Reeves, FF Dustin Dillard, FF Dustin Newell. Looking good guys!

Swoope Volunteer Fire Company, VA. Submitted by Lt. Jeff Kerr. Looks like Reservoir Dogs!

Fleitz and Wines hanging with Swoope Volunteer Fire Company, VA. Submitted by Lt. Jeff Kerr. One last Swoope photo below

Am I standing up?

Photo submitted by James Mott.

The picture above and the ones below were submitted by Stephen T. Wagner Oakwood Volunteer Fire Department