Seattle (WA) FD Challenge Coin Available Through NM-Coin

Seattle, Washington Fire Department’s Challenge Coin is now available through NM-Coin. The coin, made exclusively for Seattle FD is being sold on the NM-Coin web site right along side of the Fire Critic/Iron Firemen Coin, patch, and badge.

You can get yours today for $15 (includes shipping).

Over the past months, several people have asked me who makes our coin. NM-Coin has been very good to us and many of our friends as well. While I cannot quote any prices for them, simply contact them by phone or email:  1-860-COIN-123 or 1-860-264-6123  email:

Captain Wines and I talk often about PRIDE…this is one way of showing off the Pride of your department, organization, event, IAFF Local, company, or anything else.

Contact them today!