South Dakota Here I Come

In the morning, Captain Wines and I fly out to South Dakota for a State tour ending at the South Dakota Firefighters Benefit. If you are anywhere in the area, plan on attending this event! I will be filling you in along the way, but here are the highlights:

  • We will be meeting Bob Gard and Adam Frick who planned the SD FF Benefit.
  • We will be meeting Shane Parkins of the National Firefighters Endowment for the first time.
  • It will be my first time in South Dakota, or anywhere in Europe for that matter.
  • We will be touring the State in a brand new Spartan ERV fire engine.
  • We will be visiting dozens of firehouses across the State of South Dakota
  • We will see Mt. Rushmore among other landmarks

I need to thank the following for making our trip and the South Dakota Firefighters Benefit a possibility:

If you need to travel and are looking for a travel agent, give All About Travel a call. They will set you right up!

Spartan ERV…I will have plenty more on them in the coming days. We will also be touring their factory.

Ride Backwards…Willie and I will be decked out in their apparel while we travel.

Franklin Silverado is providing our lodging in Rapid City. I am sure they will get plenty of our money!

Firehouse Brewery in Rapid City will be hosting us on Wednesday Night. Be there to have a few drinks with us! This restaurant is located in the original Rapid City Firehouse.

Grand Falls Casino Resort is hosting us on Thursday and Friday. I am sure they will get plenty of our money in return!

Here is the Spartan ERV rig we will be traveling in.