Pre-Arrival Video: “One Thing We’ve Learned is Firemen are Slow” Comment from bystander at Florida Fire

I don’t expect bystanders to understand what we do or what decisions we make when pulling up on a house like this one.

Some of the bystanders within earshot of the video camera comment on how long it took for firefighters to get water on the fire. One comment “One thing we’ve learned is firemen are slow” is actually met with reasoning on the part of another. As typical with citizen video, I found the conversation to be interesting.

By my estimations, going on the sounds of sirens to water actually hitting the fire it was about 2 1/2 minutes. The bystanders discuss the time and some other things throughout this video.

I am not even certain that 2 1/2 minutes is long. It seems long in watching the video, but we have no clue what they are up against.

What I do take issue with is if there was no search completed. I cannot say that one isn’t performed, I did not see any sign of one in the video. I would have called for a search. Even if the occupants say everyone is out, there is still a chance of having people inside.

The comment that takes the cake is when they discuss what caused the fire…they say that it will be found out because they have to do a fire investigation…ha. I see a “undetermined” coming soon. At least one department very close to where I am from uses undetermined and electrical a lot.

This fire occurred in The Villages, Florida on Rhapsody Path. Check out their Fire Department here.