Firefighter Randomness – (20 images)

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Is this a recruitment poster? Sign me up!

Justin McMahon sent this one in: “The new tattoo to honor the people, brotherhood that have made a difference in my life that fought, lost and are still fighting a terrible disease. A disease that has taken away my mom and a special person after caring for my mom, fought and lost her own battle. To Jean who raised me pretty much as one of her own children to the age of 11, Love you and keep fighting. To Kelly Marshall Cormier now fighting leukemia and her husband Greg a brother firefighter caring for her, their family and still doing what we do. Last the Fire Fighters Cancer Foundation who helps our brother, sister and their families in their time of need. Again It’s not huge but it’s my way of thanking you all.”

Jon Hartmann sent in this picture of his newly acquired Fire Critic/IronFiremen challenge coin and patch.

Here is a picture submitted of an awesome tattoo…Please…Never Don’t Give Up!

The photo above and below were shared by Emergency Life on Facebook.

What? The backup guy doesn’t get a seat as well? – Ohio emergency crews got a strange call last week–they were asked to fish a fire truck out of a river!

 An oldie, but a goodie!

Got me!

No thanks!

EMS Humor…

Huh? Don’t get your panties in a wad… this isn’t a jab at volunteers, but can you really make a living doing it? This one went to 73 comments, 119 likes, and 23 shares on the Fire Critic Facebook Page…interesting at how quickly it got to the Vollie vs. Paid discussion!


Funny condom ad!

I have never partied this hard…close, but not quite. From RescueHumor FB Page.

How does this work exactly?