The Willie and Billy Joe Show Heats Up!

That damn Willie is at it again. He pissed off Buchanan Fire Chief Billy Joe Carter something good this time. Word is that Carter called Wines and threatened him…gasp!

Here is a rundown of the latest…

  • Billy Joe helped his fellow felon convict firefighter buddy in evading police
  • Watched as said “convicted felon firefighter from Buchanan” fired bullets (from a gun) at police
  • Got pissed off at Captain Willie Wines Jr. for this post (among others)
  • Then called Captain Wines and threatened Wines, his wife, and his grandson…gasp….the Buckaroo
  • Wines then filed a police report against Carter for threatening his family
  • Carter was served a warrant for a misdemeanor but refused to sign it
  • Carter was then arrested for not accepting the warrant
  • Willie remains in hiding, but a map to his location can be bought for the right price.

See you at the Carnival. I love Cotton Candy!

Acting Like a Fireman

If you haven’t been following along, Wines has called out Carter on every count of Carter’s stupidity. Better yet, Wines has called out the Buchanan firefighters for allowing it. The Fire Chief’s position is elected…so they asked for it. Maybe it isn’t just the FD in Buchanan though… Buchanan’s former treasurer pleaded guilty to robbing its residents blind.

Carter has been “playing” fireman long enough.

Seriously guys…a regime change is in order.

Willie and I will be more than happy to help. We want the change as much as you deserve it.

I will keep you posted on future developments.