Wanna Hear Dave Statter and I Talk? Sign up now! Newark, Ohio Here We Come!

In May, you will get the first chance to see Dave Statter and I speak under the same roof. Imagine the roof on that building that it can fit our egos in one building. Dave and I have teamed up to present on communications in the digital age. Dave will offer a boring talk on the fun stuff, I will offer a fun talk on the boring stuff. Dave thinks Willie and I are going to pick him up on the way…we are actually going to see if he is able to thumb his way to Ohio!

If we lose the crowd, Willie is going to push me into Dave and we will start a fight…either way it should be one heck of an event!

2012 Leadership Conference in Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark, Ohio
May 23-24, 2012
Presented by the Ohio Fire & Emergency Services Foundation

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May 23rd:

Dave and I will be presenting “Effective Communications in a Digital Age” on May 23rd. Presented by: Rhett Fleitz and Dave Statter. This all day session will focus on the nuts and bolts of how to use the two most popular social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter. To be effective in communicating today, an organization must use both.

Rhett Fleitz, from FireCritic.com, is a Roanoke, Virginia lieutenant who has been using digital platforms (Internet, social media) in connection with the fire service longer than most anyone. In the fire service for 15 years, Lt. Fleitz is a member of the IAFF and won a 2nd place IAFF Media Award. He is also a published author and blogger with experience helping others start their own blogs and websites. Rhett has done a number of presentations around the country including FDIC, Kean College in New Jersey and most recently at a symposium in Kenton County, Kentucky.

Dave Statter, from STATter911.com, brings his audience fire & EMS news from the Washington, D.C. area, around the country and around the world. He spent 38 years in broadcasting as a television and radio reporter. In his youth he had been a volunteer firefighter, fire department dispatcher and a cardiac rescue technician in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

May 24th:

On May 24th, attendees will get to hear Lt. Steve Robertson (Columbus Ohio Division of Fire) present “Risk vs. Benefit! Critical Decision Making in Firefighter Safety and Survival”. Presented by: Lt. Steve Robertson Columbus Ohio Division of Fire. This course will review incidents where critical decisions were made and how these decisions affected the outcome. Students will also receive valuable tools to make the right decisions in critical situations. The class will also discuss the safety culture within the fire service and how the lack of accountability along with the sense of entitlement is having a detrimental effect on our job. Only WE can reduce line of duty deaths.

Steve Robertson has been in the fire service for 22 years, the last 19 with the Columbus Ohio Division of Fire. He is a state certified Fire Safety instructor and paramedic and a member of the USAR Central Ohio Strike Team. In addition, Steve is an instructor for Rapid Intervention Training and Associates and has taught rapid intervention nationally. Steve currently serves as a Relief Officer in the 1st Battalion