Monthly Archives: January 2012

Firefighters & EMT’s with Multiple Sclerosis


I have a friend, a brother, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). He is a Firefighter & Paramedic in a dual role department. His recent diagnosis was shocking for him to say the least, but he has held his head high. I cannot imagine what he is going through and it shows his strength. He is currently on light duty due to the disease.

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Owning the Job. Part V – A Cup of Coffee


Whether it is someone dropping off cookies, looking for directions, a neighboring crew, a retiree, an off duty firefighter, or Chiefs we should welcome them into OUR firehouse. After all, when someone comes to your house do you just let them walk in without greeting them? I didn't think so.

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South Bend Firefighter Demoted for Taking Cell Phone Video


The report does not state whether or not the "impromptu video" took away from a task the firefighter was completing. When I teach/present on social media, I always remind the guys/gals that they are firefighters, not reporters. They should leave the reporting up to others. I am also a huge proponent of taking pictures of your crew when the job is done.

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Owning the Job. Part IV – Misunderstood Requirements


Before you read on, please understand that I appreciate smart aggressive firefighting, it is what I live. I think there are some small things that some firefighters view as others trying to change the way we fight fire...I view them as tools for making us better and understand they must be understood properly and implemented into our game plan. They don't really make us "safe", they make us "smarter".

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