Best of the Rest – Short and Sweet…Fire Service Warrior, FDIC, and Social Media

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This weeks is short because I am travelling…I am just getting to finalizing this post tonight…enjoy!


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You can view all of the weekly drills by here. Try these two at the firehouse this week:

News and Opinion

Fire Service Warrior – Last week I posted an article from January on The Fire Service Warrior. Chief Ron Siarnicki commented on the post directly on FSW and apparently the two caught up to discuss it. This week, Chris Brennan talks about why he wrote the article and his discussion with Siarnicki. Read the original post here and the newest post here.

S.A.F.E. Firefighter offers a post titled I “Get It”… And I’m Gonna Give It To You. The post is short and sweet. It offers introspect to an issue that many bloggers, writers, and firefighters have been trying to put their thumb on.

 “The Cure” is a response to “The Sickness”. Both are written by Jason Hoevelmann on and both are worth a read. – Mississippi Chief cracks down on Social Media use…what do you think about the new policy? Read it here

Whats going on at FDIC this year? A lot. I will be there and will have plenty of information coming up on the happenings, what I will be involved in and what you shouldn’t miss at the largest firefighting conference of the year. However…I was checking out the Facebook page for the event and saw this photo that was apparently tagged with FDIC. Yes, this is one of those loopholes and shows the need to keep an eye on your social media sites. Or, I could be wrong and I will be posting on the class where you can see more of her soon!

What is going on at FDIC this year? I want to sign up for that class! Check out the pic of the lady! It seems as though someone has been very liberal with tagging FDIC in this pic!