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Holiday Message From The Real Fire Critic. My True Identity Revealed

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all. Below is a special message to the readers of The Fire Critic.

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This year has been a very positive one for The Fire Critic and I have enjoyed a lot of travel, networking, and meeting firefighters across the Nation and beyond. My travels have been experienced along side my friend Willie Wines Jr. of (America’s Fire Captain). We have met so many new and interesting firefighters. We are truly blessed to travel so much and enjoy new experiences. Willie especially liked that restaurant we went to in Atlanta.

I wish each of my readers a wonderful holidays. Both of you have propelled to new heights in 2011.

Preston Fleitz is The Real Fire Critic

However, I am here for a different reason.

I am about to drop a bomb on the fire service. You have heard a lot of back and forth and most of it has been coming from Dave Statter. I have attempted to put a spin on everything he comes up with in order to keep my identity a secret.

As you watch the video below, you will learn the true identity of The Fire Critic.

The Fire Critic does exist…It isn’t Captain Willie Wines Jr. It isn’t Dave Statter…It isn’t both of them together… And no, Dave is not my father… It isn’t even Rhett Fleitz.

Give Dave a couple of days to formulate a spin on this. I just can’t think of how he will attack me or put a spin on this anymore. Does Dave really have the capacity to argue with a 9 year old?

You have to admit…I do pretty good for being only 9! Whatever you do, don’t tell my father Rhett Fleitz that I have been running the Best Fire Blog online.

 This video is in response to Dave Statter’s Thanksgiving Message here


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  • SSG (Retired) J Broyles

    Now, why would the man from pick on a 9 y/o??? LOL

  • Dan

    Because Dave is a TROLL.

  • Dave Statter

    The wonderful, intelligent and charming Preston Fleitz is just confirming what I knew all along. Read this stuff on The Fire Cricket. Are you at all suprised that it was written by a 9-year-old?

    Okay Preston is particularly smart for his age, so it does seem more like the writings of a young teenager. Hmmm. The Fire Critic is really some teenager from High School. Where have I heard that before?

    Dave “The TROLL” Statter

    • firecritic


      I am only in the 3rd grade…Troll.

      -Preston “The Fire Critic” Fleitz

  • Legeros

    Next year, perhaps we’ll get an exclusive on who Santa Claus really is!

  • Tena

    can’t decide if you guys are friends, friendly rivals or mortal enemies — ohhhh never mind I give up on the both of you to dang confusing. I’m getting whiplash here.

  • Another Dave

    Hey Dave you said Rhett was your son from another relationship, does this mean Preston is your Grandson?

  • Captain Wines

    Just follow Tena … I actually run BOTH the Fire Critic and Statter911 sites!

  • Dave Statter

    Oh Tena, sorry for the confusion. It’s complicated and it is going to take the lawyers years and lots of billable hours to untangle this. But if you know any fire departments that will accept someone who is about four and half feet tall it would solve problems for all of us. Once Rhett gets to be a real firefighter I think the jealousy and hurt will vanish and all of this posturing and charading will also go away. It’s tough on Preston too. Great kid. Smart as a whip. But Preston handles the blog because, quite frankly, he writes a lot better and knows a hell of a lot more about firefighting than his older, but much shorter brother, Rhett (I know Preston calls him “Dad”, and Rhett refuses to call the same, but as I said, it’s complicated). I hope this clears it up a little bit.


  • Legeros

    Boy, it’s good that neither Dave nor Rhett attended Indiana University. They’d really be calling each other Hoosier Daddy then!

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