NFFF Memorial Weekend Wrap-up

The NFFF Memorial Weekend is behind us. However, we must continue to honor and respect the men and women we have lost. Remember…We will never forget.

Attending the Memorial Service is one way of paying tribute to those who have died, but not all of us can attend.

Read more about my trip here, here, and here.

Each year, the NFFF strives to make every facet of the weekend better. Live streaming of the Candlelight Vigil and the Memorial Service bring the event to so many more people than can attend. Through their web site and social media, the NFFF has been able to share pictures, video, and audio. This was my second year there and I am still learning about how they accomplish everything they do. It truly is amazing.

If you have a web site or blog, check out this link for the NFFF tribute widget. If you don’t have it on your site, you should!

New this year was “Bells Across America”. I failed to get that information out, but plenty of other people shared it. What was interesting was how it reached Afghanistan. Dave Statter has more on that here including a picture and video.

I also uploaded around 300 photos on the Fire Critic Facebook fan page here. Check it out, click like, and then go to the photos!

Also, if you aren’t one of the 250,000+ fans of the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Facebook fan page you should be!

Here are some links to more coverage:

I leave you with three videos from the weekend. Check them out!