Willie’s Uvula Almost Sends Him to the Hospital

You should be sitting down for this one…

There we were at the NFFF Memorial Weekend. It is Sunday morning and I am dead asleep. I am awoke by Willie telling me he has to go to the hospital. I immediately think that this is going to be a great story! Willie going to the hospital. I didn’t move. I was comfortable, and half asleep.

I asked him if he had a stroke. He says no, that it is his throat. I asked if it was sore and he said, no something is in it. I told him to cough it up. Willie says “I did”. So I said, “good, lets go back to bed”…but then Willie chimes in that it is sitting on his tongue. Ok, spit it out. He is a grown man after all. I was not going to grab a hold of some epic lugee that is caught in his throat and pull it out.

Willie then said “I can’t spit it out, it is attached to me”. Huh? Ok, now he has my interest, so I get out of bed and take a look. I don’t see anything but his dangly thingy at the back of his throat. Apparently it is swollen. Willie can hardly talk and I was kind of enjoying it. I am pretty sure I laughed…a lot!

Willie's uvula and piercings

What I realized next was something I didn’t know…Willie not only has his tongue pierced, but his uvula too!

My next move was the google machine. I googled “the hanging thing in the back of your throat”. Apparently it is called a uvula. It sounds like part of the female anatomy…which wouldn’t be out of place on Willie who right then was acting like a little girl!

This is what I found… If you’ve woken up this morning with a swollen uvula then the best thing to do is eat lots of ice cream and just calm down. This is a common condition which usually resolves quickly without any medical attention so try not to worry. Directly from http://swollenuvula.blogspot.com/. Who would have thunk it?

So instead of going to the hospital or calling an ambulance, I went to the grocery store and got the little tike some ice cream.

Willie couldn’t talk most of the day as his swollen uvula sat right there on his tongue most of the day.

On the trip home, Willie started telling me more about his “emergency” that morning. When he got up and into the bathroom, he swallowed his swollen uvula part way and ended up puking. When it came back up, he took his finger and tried to push it back down…you guessed it, making him puke again!

Never a dull moment with that guy!