Video: Pilot and 3 others Dead in Plane Crash at Reno, Nevada Air Races with Mass Casualties

A plane crashed at Stead Airport during the Reno air races this evening. The accident happened in the 8 o’clock hour ET.

 The plane “Galloping Ghost” crashed near the grandstands at the air races. The pilot and 3 others are confirmed dead. 21 Many others were transported to the hospital.

P-51 Mustang "The Galloping Ghost"About the “Galloping Ghost” (unofficial)

  • Pilot Jimmy Leeward – age 80 age 74
  • Type: P-51D-15NA
  • Serial # 44-155651
  • Registry: N79111
  • Vintage World War II Fighter

Here is the video of the crash at the Reno air races (original youtube video)

photo taken from video

Authorities say race pilot Jimmy Leeward has died after a crash at the Reno Air Races. This weekend’s races are also canceled.

Three people are confirmed dead, and another 21 people were admitted to Renown Regional Medical Center.

Concerned family members should call 775.972.6663 and Air Race staff is working to locate and establish the status of all involved.

Witnesses say Leeward’s plane, the Galloping Ghost, was about 400-500 feet in the air when it nosedived and crashed at the Reno-Stead Airport around 4:30pm.

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More video footage

Here is the video of the Galloping Ghost P51 at the Reno air races in 2010