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Video: Redding Firefighters Rescue Kitten from 2″ Pipe

Check out this series of videos below. A man dropped off a section of pipe to Redding (CA) Fire Department Station #4 because there was a kitten stuck inside. The firefighters acquired a pipe cutter from another City department and rescued the kitten. It appears as though maybe other City workers assisted with the rescue as well!

Well done guys! I cannot stand cats, and I am allergic, but I would have done the same thing!

Then again, you could have fashioned a “potato cannon” out of it and fired the cat across the road! JUST KIDDING!

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  • Mike “FossilMedic” Ward

    City of Redding employees Ralph White and Gary Brown assist
    Redding Fire Department employees Mike Anderson and John Clark (cameraman) with
    removing a kitten which was stuck in a length of 2 inch pipe. 
    (from Video #2)

    Kitten is doing fine. We gave it a bath and made a nice warm bed for it to sleep in. Cat is a female and we named it Piper :)  
    (from Video #3)

    • Fire Critic

      Thanks Mike! I apparently glossed over those little tidbits! At least I gave a little credit!

  • Anonymous

    Nice job, Redding FD and City of Redding employees.  Will you now have a station kitten?

  • Inflancki

    Соngratulations for savers and kitten! From USSR. 
    You have made the good job!!!

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  • Mfd903

    Great job guys this just shows that there is nothing routine about our job as firefighters…