Monthly Archives: June 2011

Video: The Dave Statter School of Firefighting…


I have found the holy grail of firefighting videos! Recently posted on youtube is this gem that captures the Dave Statter school of firefighting in all it's glory. ...and now you know where Dave and all of the trolls who leave "I fight what you fear" comments on his site learned how to fight fire!

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Videos: Sites and Sounds of Vancouver Riots and Shit Burning


In case you just crawled out of a rock, the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins 4-0 in game 7. In a huge showing of poor sportsmanship and sore losers, some a lot of piss-poor Vancouver Canucks fans took to the streets rioting and wrecking their town. Makes sense doesn't it? Not exactly. Here is some video of what firefighters had to deal with in Vancouver...

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Video: Redding Firefighters Rescue Kitten from 2″ Pipe


Check out this series of videos below. A man dropped off a section of pipe to Redding (CA) Fire Department Station #4 because there was a kitten stuck inside. The firefighters acquired a pipe cutter from another City department and rescued the kitten. It appears as though maybe other City workers assisted with the rescue as well!

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Early Video: Anaheim Firefighters Arrive to Well Involved House Fire


The video captures units arriving, the supply line being laid and then hooked up, and firefighters scrambling to get water on the fire. The person taking the video does a great job of capturing firefighters at work. The firefighters do a great job of getting a knockdown on the fire. During the 4:00 mark you can see sparks fly presumably from the service line to the house. It is difficult to tell if the exposure has caught fire, but with that amount of fire and the wind, I would imagine it sustained some damage.

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