Continued Coverage: Fireground Video of the Fatal Muncie Church Fire

Update: Firefighter Scott Davis has been identified as the firefighter who died battling the Church Fire today. Davis was 40 years old and a father of of three children. He was also a former Yorktown Fire Chief.

A Muncie, Indiana Firefighter was killed today battling a church fire at the Tabernacle of Praise Church . Details are still coming in as to what exactly happened.

What we do know is that a firefighter has been killed. It is another sad day in the fire service.

In the 4th video, near the beginning, you can tell there are firefighters inside by the hose stream being sprayed up and out from the interior. You can also see what seems to be one firefighter exiting the structure by jumping through a window just after. This is about the same time that the roof collapses even more.

Images of the scene can be seen here. One includes the firefighter jumping out of the window. LINK HERE

Photo by Chris Bergin / The Star Press as seen on

The video series below is from the scene of the fire that began around 4pm today.

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Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4