Product Review – Lion Technical Footwear Marshall 14″ Pull-on Fire Boots

Lion Technical Footwear recently sent me a pair of their Marshall 14″ pull-on firefighting boots for a product review. I received the boots promptly and was very pleased with the look and feel of them. The first thing I typically look at on new boots are the toe cap and the straps. I know there are more important factors that differentiate a good boot from a great boot, but that is what I look at first.

My boots after 3 months. It feels like you are wearing slippers when you have them on!

The toe caps: Vibram® nitrile-rubber toe area covering provides full toe area scuff protection. They look good and they have kept up with the day to day wear and tear.

The boot straps: The straps are sewn INTO the boot and not ONTO the boot. Hopefully this will give them some extra strength for those of you who hang your boots on a hook. As for guys like me who merely use them to carry the boots from one spot to another they should work just fine. The straps are actually made of 1″ Nomex® webbing.

First Impression: I wore these boots around the station for a couple hours before putting them in my turnout pants just to break them in a little bit. They were a little snug because of the extra padding/insulation but they quickly conformed to my foot!

These boots are built for comfort!

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These boots are comfortable. Think slippers kind of comfortable. They have extra padding/insulation inside and they are just comfortable as can be. I have actually been wearing them for 3 months now and I must say I am thoroughly pleased. I do wonder if what seems like “extra” insulation will be hot in the summer months, but I have yet to pull my feet out of them with dripping wet socks. Sure, I have worked in them and have gotten all sweaty…which means these boots must be able to breathe pretty well. I assure you this…while wearing them during the cold months, my feet never got cold!

The sewn in 1" Nomex Webbing Straps

The heal has a special Lock-Fit Ankle Support System™ which provides anatomical ankle padding that ensures the foot is securely positioned within the boot. The sole is built with a Lenzi® puncture-resistant midsole. This is a very important part of the boot since we rarely get to see where or what we are going to step on. After all, fire boots are all about protecting your feet!

So far after 3 months…Lion is right with their tagline “Comfort That Won’t Quit”

Two drawbacks to these boots…both minor I think.

  1. Made in Canada...a lot better than made elsewhere but nothing beats "Made in the USA"!

    They are made in Canada. I consider Canada almost as good as made in America and certainly better than made in China or Indonesia…but I still love seeing that “Made in the USA” on the tag.

  2. The extra padding means that the boots run a little big. This doesn’t mean that you should order them any different than your normal size shoe. It does mean that the overall size of the boot is a bit larger by external measurements than other boots.

The Lion Technical Footwear Marshall 14″ Pull-on boots retail for $299.99 (pricing as found on

Bonus for Female Firefighters – The Marshall 14″ Pull-on and Commander 12” Zip-Lace Design come in Women’s sizing!

Who would have thought that men’s and women’s feet were different?

Lion Technical Footwear Marshall 14" Pull-on Design

Here are some other key points about the boots:

Marshall 14″ pull-on design product flyer Commander 12″ zip-lace design product flyer

  • CROSSTECH® fabric membrane.
  • Cambrelle® lining —300 gram polyfelt insulation.
  • Slip-resistant, breathable micro-fiber technology protective heel strip enhances foot stability and minimizes wear on Cambrelle® fabric lining.
  • Lenzi® puncture-resistant midsole.
  • Wide fitting toe cap with rubber lip tested to withstand an impact up to 92.2 foot pounds meets NFPA, CSA and ASTM standards.
  • Goodyear® storm welt construction provides maximum durability and enables easy repairs.
  • Lock-Fit Ankle Support System™ provides anatomical ankle padding that ensures the foot is securely positioned within the boot.
  • Removable shock-absorbing foam footbed is anti-odor, anti-fungal and breathable.
  • Double ridged ladder shank reduces painful arch compression.
  • Vibram® Fire & Ice™ sole offers durability and superior traction at both temperature extremes.
  • Large 1” rugged Nomex® webbing boot straps with reinforced stitching ensure easy donning and doffing.
  • Thermoplastic heel counter individually molded to every size for custom fit.
  • Leather bound, padded collar trim for better all-around fit with no chafing.
  • Vibram® nitrile-rubber toe area covering provides full toe area scuff protection.
  • Silver 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material provides added visibility.

Proudly wearing my Lion Technical Footwear Marshall 14" Pull-ons

About Lion Technical Footwear:

A comfortable boot is essential to safety on the fireground because when your feet hurt, you can lose mobility and stamina. Made with top-grade U.S. fire-resistant leather, LION Technical Footwear brings superior working comfort, flexibility, safety and durability — run after run. The back of a LION Technical Footwear boot is designed to match the anatomical shape of your heel and the molded ankle guard provides a comfortable, athletic fit. The Lenzi® puncture-resistant midsole offers 30% greater coverage area than a stainless steel sole and the breathable CROSSTECH® fabric ensures better comfort. The patented Lock-Fit Ankle Support System™ grabs the ankle and foot to improve surefootedness and reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

Here is a short video about Lion boots. Check out more videos on their youtube channel here!

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