Folgers or Maxwell House? Great Fire Service Ad Placements!

Check out these very well done and probably totally unauthorized advertisements for Folgers and Maxwell House Coffee…done by Firefighters.

Hat tip to The Secret List for the links and information

In case you were wondering what coffee we drink at Roanoke Fire Station #3…it is H & C coffee we purchase by the case.


The first one is from St Louis Fire Department Firefighter/Medic Neil Bobenhouse. He wrote, created and produced the video as an entry in a jingle contest for Folgers coffee. HOWEVER, he writes under the video that he apparently messed up while making the video because it is over 90 seconds and has a backing track. He still hopes that they allow his entry. You just never know.

Here is a Maxwell House jingle from the Dublin Fire Brigade.

Maxwell’s House commercial titled ‘ Ladder 59 ‘ done by Rhinebeck, NY Firefighters