Hosed…This Satirical Show on Volunteer Firefighters is Hilarious!

Juston McKinney is turning the fire service on its head with this satirical look at volunteer firefighting. The short comedies are available on youtube and the idea behind it is a push for a network to pick it up as a comedy show. Episode 1 already has over 24k views on youtube in a week.

The interesting thing is the comments both on Statter911 and youtube. While most firefighters have enjoyed the parody, some have been throwing around the career (and/or IAFF) vs. volunteer firefighter argument. As for me, I think it is hilarious and some or most of it is probably true in some parts of the Nation. Even if the truth behind the humor only represents a small percentage of volunteers out there…and yes, paid firefighters can act like idiots too (but this show isn’t about them).

The cast and crew of Hosed. Photo from their facebook page.

So what do we do now? If I were a volunteer, I wouldn’t want this to become a network show…even though this is comedy I think this could have far reaching consequences for the volunteer fire service with public perception.

But I am not a volunteer…so I say have at it. I think it is hilarious!

Hosed has a facebook page here

The youtube channel is located at http://hosed.tv

Episode 1 states: “A comedy series about a volunteer fire department in Effingwoods NH. In this episode Ben (Juston McKinney) and Smitty (Gary Valentine) respond to a fire call. This episode co-stars Lenny Clarke (Rescue Me).”

Dave Statter was first on with episode 1 of hosed.

Episode 1

Episode 2