Top Ten Best Christmas Gifts For Firefighters List For 2010

Last year, I offered my top ten Christmas Gifts for Firefighters (last years list is here). The article has remained very popular even this year.

Just in Time for Black Friday!

This year, I am redoing the list for 2010. There are many new gifts out there and I want to make sure that the firefighters are getting what they deserve…The Best Christmas Gifts for Firefighters!

This year Ash and Dreams posted a Top Ten Gifts for Firefighter Wives…Including the firefighter vibrator. Imagine that… The last thing we want is another firefighter at our house while we are working. Even if it is powered by 6 D-cell batteries!

This top ten list could  be easily used year round. Be it birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever these gifts are bound to make you popular with the firefighter you gift them to.

I challenge you to come up with a better list!

Just in case you are wondering…I have not been paid or solicited by any of the mentioned products or companies I might name or link to below. Note: some of the gifts might have been reviewed by the Fire Critic. However the Fire Critic is UNFORTUNATELY not being paid for this list or to list any of these products.

10. Ledger to keep track of their calls

Ledger to keep track of their calls – Get your firefighter a ledger (or diary) so they can keep track of the calls they run, the things they do on shift, or tidbits of information they might want to keep a note of.

I have a terrible memory. I also do not keep track of much. If I wrote things down, I might be able to pinpoint exactly what the Chief told me in his office on a particular visit!


I might have written down all the fires or major calls I have been on to help me put my experiences into that book I have always wanted to write. You know, the one about the fires (both of them) that I have been on!

9. Leather Fire Helmet

Cairns New Yorker Fire Helmet

Leather Fire Helmet – I love my leather helmet. I hope to get a new one soon. If at the very least, purchase a traditional style composite helmet for your firefighter! The “salad bowl” helmets that most departments issue are a travesty.

Probably the most popular leather fire helmet is the Cairns New Yorker. However, there are many other options out there.

These are not cheap by any means. However, they are well worth the investment.

Visit MSA online to purchase

8. Firemans Chore Denim Jacket

Here is a lovely model wearing a Firemans Chore jacket!

Firemans Chore Denim Jacket – These are very popular jackets among firefighters. They have many options and you can customize them the way you would like. About: Firemans Chore® Inc. is located in Indianapolis, Indiana offering you the “Original” Denim Chore and Diamond Quilted Job Jackets Made in the USA. A Firefighter owned and operated company since 2004, we bring you a line of tradional firefighters jackets that can’t be beat for style and comfort. They offer IAFF firefighter gear, and bagpiper gear as well including buckles, brooch’s, cap badges, and sporrans.

Visit Firemans chore online here

7. Firefighter/EMS/Police Monopoly

Firefighter, Law Enforcement, and EMS Monopoly

Firefighter, Law Enforcement, and EMS Monopoly

Firefighter/EMS/Police Monopoly – Finally there is parity among Fire/Police/EMS. Unfortunately it isn’t in the pay! However, each public service entity now has its own monopoly game geared towards them. For less than $40, you can be playing monopoly with your loved ones. I have them all, shouldn’t you!

Check out Emergency Services Play for more information and ordering info for these games!

Nothing says competition in a firehouse like a good old fashioned game of monopoly!

6. FireGeezer Mug

Firegeezer Travel Mug

FireGeezer Mug – Firegeezer has come out with a new travel mug to go well with his normal coffee mug. Order the travel mug here or the normal mug here.

Per FireGeezer:
This state-of-the-art Travel Mug has all of the features you want:

  • Whopping 16-ounce cup
  • Double-walled insulated construction
  • Reduced diameter base fits in most cup holders
  • Keeps your coffee hot for more than an hour (we tested it!)
  • Metallic Fire Engine Red color …. just like your ride

This is the perfect travel mug to get you to work in the morning and keep you coffee’d up on the drive back home. As you expect with any Firegeezer product, this is top-quality and will give you long and faithful service. The artwork is the same as that on our standard coffee mug, except that all the writing is white lettering over the metallic fire engine red color.

5. Leather Fire Boots

Black Diamonds X2 Boot

Leather Fire Boots – More specifically, the new Black Diamond X2 Boot.

You might remember that I did a product review on this a couple months ago. Since then I have been wearing my boots every day at work. These boots are amazingly comfortable! I cringe when I see a firefighter wearing those rubber boots that are typically issued by the department. Ugh! If they only knew how comfortable that leather boots are.

Help your firefighter out by making them at least look like they know what they are doing while on the job by fitting them into some leather fire boots.

4. Firefighter Calendar

Girls on Fire

Firefighter Calendar – There are so many firefighter calendars out there. Female firefighters will have no problem finding a decent calendar full of hunky male firefighters. What there aren’t many of is female firefighters or female firefighter calendars. Don’t worry though, I have found the best of both…Check out the Top Ten Hot & Sexy Firefighter Calendars for 2011 for my picks. That being said, your firefighter should have a calendar to keep track of your anniversary, birthdays, and other important dates. Why not get him (or her) a firefighter calendar. Just check out the one on the right for a decent idea.

Click on the pic for more examples.

3. Camera

Camera – Yes a camera. No, not a huge, bulky, and expensive camera. Just a small point and shoot digital camera.

No, not so firefighters can stop what they are doing to take pictures of themselves. And no, not so firefighters become photographers on the fireground while they should be working.

Simply because too few people are capturing the good times with photography. Get them a camera to carry with them on the rig so they can take a picture of their crew while they are at fire prevention events, done working after a fire, or pictures around the station for example.

More importantly, get them a camera so they can capture training nuggets and pre fire plan issues. These photographs might be used to spread the word at the station or send in to one of the training sites to teach people about issues, construction, obstruction, or weird occurrences that might effect them if there was a fire.

2. Sav-A-Jake Multi Purpose Rescue Tool

Sav-A-Jake Rescue Tool

Sav-A-Jake Multi Purpose Rescue Tool – Sav A Jake offers many rescue and firefighting tools and straps in kevlar and leather. These firefighter rescue tools are small and can fit inside your firefighters turnout gear. They have a multitude of uses.

Check out the many other things that Sav A Jake offers like radio straps, hose straps, and tool straps to name a few.

Visit their web site here

1. Firefighter Apparel

Unfortunately, the bulging biceps are not built into this shirt.

Firefighter Apparel – Whether you like Black Helmet apparel, Rak Wear (working on a product review now), Ride Backwards, or LEO fire apparel (product review here) they have something for everyone. Each of these companies have come up with designs for firefighters that are not over the top or whacker-ish. The designs are quite well done. These t-shirts are sure to be a hit for any firefighter who doesn’t mind showing off his trade.

Black Helmet web site
LEO Fire web site
Rak Wear web site
Ride Backwards Apparel

Check out each company for the style that your firefighter might like!