What is the Brotherhood Among Firefighters?

I have always had a feeling as though I know what the brotherhood is. There are many great firemen who exemplify the “Brotherhood” and many others who think it is merely wearing a shirt or putting a sticker on their car.

I have been accused of not knowing what the Brotherhood is by people who in my estimation do not have a clue. Sure, I am not perfect, but if you have to justify yourself as part of the “Brotherhood” you probably don’t quite know what it is or where to find it. This post is not my justification but merely my view of what it is to me.

What is the Brotherhood Among Firefighters?

To me it is many things, but in reality it is only one….

If you were to take a firefighter and strip them of their badge, remove their turnout gear, peel their skin back, and remove the organs, the brotherhood is that small fire that continues to burn inside of them.

That small fire cannot be extinguished, cannot be contained, and cannot be taken away. It is what makes you a firefighter and you must not for any reason let personal feelings hamper and decision to help another “Brother”.

I was talking to the guys at the station the other day and explained to them that there are guys who I could call at any hour and ask them, tell them, or demand of them anything and they would do it without asking any questions. That is the Brotherhood.

Sure, there are many others who would do things for me or my family if I worked along side of them, if they knew me better.

Some claim that their is a Brotherhood among paid guys and a different one among vollies. I think that firefighting has a brotherhood and that all else might bond you in a different/extra way.

Brotherhood is understanding that above all differences of opinion, feuds, hurt feelings, and just plain old not getting along you understand that you have a duty to all firefighters equally.

Brotherhood might have once been coined for men. However, this day in age it encompasses all sexes, creeds, and races.

This day in age we need the brotherhood more than anything.

We need to continue to light that fire in our new firefighters and make sure that the fire continues to burn in our veterans.

Look all around you. It doesn’t matter what department you are in, I am certain you can come up with examples of firefighters who just don’t get it. Don’t give up on them. Keep trying to show them the way.

If you have that fire burning inside of you, it is your duty to keep the Brotherhood alive.

What is the Brotherhood to you?

What examples do you have of how someone has shown you the Brotherhood Among Firefighters?