Is it April 2nd yet?

As you can imagine, The Fire Critic is not a huge fan of pranks. We all want to be taken seriously and those who know me understand that I am very dry, not funny, and don’t like the Fire/EMS service to be taken lightly.

April 1st is over, the jokes are out of the way. I really want to get down to business!

What shall we discuss first?

  1. Career vs. Volunteer
  2. Solid tip vs. Fog
  3. Women in the Fire Service
  4. Felons as firefighters
  5. Brownouts, Station Closures, Layoffs, and Furloughs
  6. Racism and Sexism in the Firehouse
  7. Helmet Cameras
  8. Tweeting Pictures of Patients
  9. Dave Statters use of blog titles longer than the post itself
  10. Fire Based EMS
  11. Running EMS Calls on the Engine
  12. Minimum Staffing
  13. Minimum age for Being a Firefighter and/or Paramedic
  14. Prematurely Pronouncing a “Live” Patient as “Dead”
  15. The “IAFF” Doesn’t Do Anything For Me
  16. Why Do We Have To Train?
  17. You Fire Guys Don’t Fight Fire Anymore
  18. EMS is the BreadWinner in the Fire Based EMS Model
  19. Getting Paid To Sleep
  20. Republicans vs. Democrats
  21. Kentland Volunteers
  22. Jerry Engle’s Antics
  23. Firefighter Arsonists
  24. Two Hatters
  25. What to Carry in Your Pockets
  26. Lights on POV’s
  27. Leather Helmet or not

That should be a good start….go ahead and comment. I wonder what topic will be discussed first!