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My Most Influential Fire Report – Kyle Wilson LODD Report


Kyle's death resounded across Virginia and the rest of the Nation with a loud "it could happen to you!". Firefighters are very good at thinking that things will never happen to them. It always happens to someone else. Even though Kyle worked at a department on the other side of the State from me, it seemed as though it happened to my department. It left a resounding wake up call to many firefighters in my area.

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FDIC in Retrospect…Great Time, Great People, Great Netcasts


A sincere thanks to Fire Rescue Magazine, Firefighter Nation, and for sharing their booth with Firefighter Netcast. Special thanks to Dave Iannone, Chris Hebert, Tim Sendelbach, and Jeff Berend as well as the rest of the crews of the aforementioned companies. The hospitality, networking, assistance, and conversation was very much appreciated!

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Heading Home From FDIC… The Fire Critic Had a Blast


I had a blast at FDIC 2010! I have so many people to thank and so many stories to tell! I met so many friends for the first time and others for a second. I will be bringing you my FDIC show in retrospect soon! In the meantime, check out the following live netcasts from Firefighter Netcast. We will have many more podcasts online this week after editing. Stay tuned for that!

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Chiefs…Are You Listening?

Here is a great quote by Harold Schaitberger today at FDIC... Fire chiefs need to make clear the impacts public safety cuts will have on their communities on the safety of both firefighters and civilians, he told the conference. The Fire Critic says...Nuff said

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The Fire Critic at FDIC…


I will be at FDIC Tuesday through Sunday. Be sure to let me know if you want to catch up. For the most part, I will be available at the Fire Rescue Magazine/ Nation booth #3755 along with my partner John Mitchell of

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Call for Submission – 2nd Episode of the First Due Blog Carnival

The subject of this second edition is “Influential Fire Reports”. What fire report, or reports, have had the greatest impact on you personally and professionally as a firefighter? This report can be of firefighter fatalities, close calls, near-misses and even fire or structural behavior. The report can be a federal, state, department or independent investigation, no matter so long as it is one that made a significant impact in the way you now think and operate as a firefighter or fire officer.

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