Monday Morning Shoutout – TOTWTYTR

This weeks Monday Morning Shoutout goes to To Old To Work, To Young To Retire (aka TOTWTYTR). The blog is brought to you by an anonymous blogger. I was fortunate enough to meet the blogger this past weekend.

What I found most interesting was how some of the other EMS bloggers were amazed at meeting him. Most of us bloggers have spoke on the phone, seen photos of each other, or at least emailed each other. Over time, this turns into a relationship/friendship of sorts. Prior to this weekend, I do not know that I have ever been in contact with TOTWTYTR. I have read his blog but must admit that I don’t catch it every day.

Apparently he writes some pretty interesting stuff. Interesting and opinionated enough that his identity must remain as anonymous as possible to keep a distance between the online anonymous writer and his real life identity. I understand this and have no issue with it.

Take a look at TOTWTYTR!