A Question for Paramedics, Nurses, and Doctors Even

Hey all,

A comment was posted on this thread that I thought was worth a better venue than just remaining in the comments section. I have posted the comment/question below. Please feel free to add your introspect. Please leave a comment on this post rather than the last one.

Posted by Jason…

My daughter went into ventricular fibrillation last June on the last day of school. The EMTs were over in 3 minutes (the fire station / paramedic unit is next door to the school). The paramedics were not able to get her heart rhythm going while at school or during the 10 minute ride to the hospital. What complicated things was her pacemaker. Actually it took the ER a half hour to get her back and only after my wife suggested they find the electrophysiologist and turn the device off. She was without a pulse for over 45 minutes and died 4 days later.
My question is related to the procedure necessary to restore the heartbeat for patients with implanted pacemakers. I understand that EMTs are not equipped with devices that would turn a pacemaker off. Do you think that is essential? Also, should the defibrillators be placed directly above the pacemaker? Is that recommended? Why not

What do you all think?