Some Wednesday Reading for You

Chief Reason Art disects LODD’s in the States here

Backstep Firefighter Blog discusses the Shot heard around the Firehouse

The Happy Medic wrote a book (ok just a long post) titled “EMS Fail or Client Fail” – worth the read

Legeros has a caption contest at Raleigh/Wake Firefighting Blog

Joe Schmoe has written a very compelling and emotional account of a rescue and subsequent “The Longest Ride” – A must read has numerous new videos from across the States and elsewhere….stop in and don’t forget to rate them while you watch! is gaining momentum…He is enjoying the blogging and has a comical video for you to view about the Private Fireman!

Last but certainly not least… The FireGeezer has a story about a man who spent 5+ hours in a septic tank before being rescued.

Enjoy the Wednesday reading tips from the Fire Critic