Blogfest 7 – Captive fire crew escapes inferno but mourns loss

This article is about the inmate firefighters that Fallen Firefighters Hall and Quinones were leading when they perished in the Station Fire.

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LOS ANGELES — As he reached the door of the chow hall, Henry Navarro looked to his right and uttered an expletive. Then he looked to his left and spat out an even stronger one.

Many of the inmate firefighters at Mount Gleason Conservation Camp had been training for years. But nothing could have prepared them for what happened Aug. 30.

The chow hall was supposed to be the “safety zone” for the more than five dozen people at the station. But it and every other building in the ridgetop camp were engulfed. Their supervisors — Capt. Ted Hall and firefighter Spc. Arnie Quinones — were somewhere out there.

The order was given to make a run for the crew carrier buses. Once everyone was in, senior inmate David Clary did a head count.

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