Keba’s a volunteer for life – 35 years and going

Keba Dranivasa has been volunteering for St. John Ambulance for 35 years. Her dedication to serving her fellow man has even begun her own free of charge Medics center.

Fast-forward two decades later and she is doing exactly what she wanted to do, and even more in a sense. She has set up a Kemzy Medics Centre at her Colo-i-Suva home from where she offers First Aid services for free.

“Some of the communities can not afford the charges of St John (Ambulance) so when they asked me to do the service and I accepted it,” she said.

She has 10 unemployed youths in her area whom she has trained to help her with the services.

She even teaches First Aid to those interested.

“Some of the PEMAC teachers in some schools, who are also interested come around, and I provide training for them.

Some people just don’t understand why others volunteer to do things (fire and EMS are examples). This is a great example to share with your friends.

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