Should Felons be allowed to be Firefighters?


House fire on Library Street in Mystic, CT

Should Felons be allowed to by Firefighters? That is the title of a forum thread I started over at Firefighter Nation. I started it there instead of here because I was sure to get more commentary over there. Please join in the discussion if you would like either here or there.

I have enjoyed the discussion and I am pretty sure that I have come to the understanding that there ARE NOT any GOOD FELONIES that might be ok for a person to have been convicted of and become a firefighter. Period.

I think I might have a decent example which ties this post to my current vacationing up near Mystic, CT. I am talking about last years arson fire on Library Street started by a then Mystic Firefighter William Celtruda. The house still stands (I saw it today) as the owners attempt to sue the pants off of Mystic Fire District, some firefighters, and the town of Groton (link).

While Celtruda WAS NOT a felon when he became a firefighter, he did have some run ins with the law prior to becoming a firefighter:

Celtruda quietly listened as Judge Kevin McMahon discussed his record, which includes an arrest for harassment in Waterford and a driving under the influence charge. (source)

Given, Celtruda was not a felon before he became a firefighter. His convictions were less than that of a felon. However, the damage he did is still effecting the Mystic Fire District.

I just found this story to be interesting while I was in town at the same time that the thread on Firefighter Nation is going strong.