Shaking in their Loafers

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Apparently, Harold Schaitberger has the National Right To Work Committee (NRTWC) shaking in their penny loafers. The committee, who is vehemently against the IAFF, has just posted a video to YouTube showing their disdain for Schaitberger, the IAFF, and the recent actions of President Obama. The International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), led by President Harold Schaitberger, asked President Obama and his constituents to NOT cross the picket line in Providence, RI. If you watch the video you will see just how effected the NRTWC is by the IAFF’s efforts.

Wouldn’t it just be easier and make more sense to utilize the IAFF to help you retain firefighters and prove their worth and need? This will help you (the mayor) in cutting unnecessary departments and programs which are nice but unaffordable with the economy the way it is. Think about it, your work is done.

More importantly, the video addresses H.R. 413 is very important to America’s Firefighters. I suggest that you get on the horn to your Representatives today to ask them for support in passing this legislation.

At least, watch the video. They point out some very enlightening things about the IAFF and what they are doing for me. For all of those IAFF members out there who cry “What has the IAFF done for me”, this is for you. Read it, check ou the link to the Providence Picket Line, and read about H.R. 413…least of all watch the video.