What are the best Fire and/or EMS websites?

I am working on the next installment of the top ten lists. The list will be the top ten fire and/or EMS websites. Although I might do one list for Fire and another for EMS. I am looking for feedback on what you think might be one of the top ten. No poll, no questionnaire, just what do you think is a good one to consider. Let me know via email at firecritic@firecritic.com, using the contact us form in the menu bar, or leaving a comment. They can be web sites or blogs as long as they have something to do with fire and/or EMS.

Things you might consider are:

  • Popularity of the site
  • How often you visit the site
  • Useful information on the site
  • Knowledge of contributors on the site
  • How often a site is updated
  • How quickly they post breaking news
  • How in depth they are on news, training, events, etc.

Those are just some criteria you might consider. Feel free to submit your own sites. They can be local, regional, national, or International. They don’t have to be in English, but they do have to be translatable. Look for the list to be published in the next week.

Also, if you have an idea for a top ten list feel free to let me know.

Editors Note: On second thought, I might do 4 catagories…Top ten Fire websites, EMS websites, Fire Blogs, and EMS blogs.