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FDIC Recap Part II – The People You Surround Yourself With


I got to meet with several companies both during FDIC and since. Several of which I hope to be doing product reviews for very soon! If you are looking for having a product review for your product, check out more information here. I spoke with Major Mack of The Bowring today on the phone. They are sending me their product to review shortly. There's was one of the busier boothes at FDIC. I think the product looks like a potential tool that years from now will be a staple in "What's in Your Pockets" discussions!

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Unwinding at the Meetup at Indy


Last night, I joined many other friends at the meetup at Indy. The meetup was hosted by Fire Rescue Magazine, Firefighter Nation, and FireEMSBlogs.com and sponsored by ISI and Black Helmet Apparel. It is always fun hanging out with friends and meeting new ones.

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Gearing up for FDIC…The Fire Critic Offers Social Media Training


I will be teaching a class on Social Media for the Fire Service at FDIC this year. The class is titled "Social Media: The Fire Service's Next Big Innovation" Who should attend? Anyone interested in social media, blogging, and branding their department online. Administrators who want to learn about social media, get examples of social media policies, as well as firefighters who want to brand their companies and departments. There will be information for all levels!

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Firefighter Netcast Live tonight at 9pm with Retired Buffalo Lt. Pat Coghlan


Tiger’s guest will be retired Lt. Patrick Coghlan from the Buffalo Fire Department. Pat is a 34-year veteran of Rescue One and Vice President of the Buffalo Fire Historical Society. More than that, Patty is a real character with a bit of a crusty exterior — but when you peel that away — you find a big guy with an even bigger heart and a very special fondness for telling stories and preserving the rich history of the fire service.

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FDIC in Retrospect…Great Time, Great People, Great Netcasts


A sincere thanks to Fire Rescue Magazine, Firefighter Nation, and FireEMSBlogs.com for sharing their booth with Firefighter Netcast. Special thanks to Dave Iannone, Chris Hebert, Tim Sendelbach, and Jeff Berend as well as the rest of the crews of the aforementioned companies. The hospitality, networking, assistance, and conversation was very much appreciated!

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