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FDNY: Putting it into Perspective with Exposures

I just watched a video and I will share it below. The house is small, yet the amount of firefighters on scene is a lot. It is in New York. In order to get that many firefighters on scene, MY city would be looking at close to 3/4 of our resources. Plus there is a platform AND a stick in the air. That takes some keen apparatus placement. The description states that it went to a 2nd alarm and quickly to a 3rd alarm. Again, as I look at the house I think that it just so small...sure there is an exposure about a foot away, but it is brick.

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Video: Is this a Box Alarm? St. Luke's Roosevelt Ambulance Catches Fire outside New York City Hospital. Who Said EMS Doesn't need the Fire Service?

Who says Emergency Medical Services doesn't need the Fire Service? It looks as though these guys needed firefighters! Is this a typical BOX alarm in New York City? ha ha ha This ambulance caught fire outside St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Emergency Department and John Jay College of Criminal Justice this afternoon.

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