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Can a Model Handle FDNY Training?

These FDNY guys have all the fun! This is from Woman v. Workout Ep. 3 and titled "Can a Model Handle FDNY Training?". I think she did a pretty decent job. What is interesting for me is seeing a bunch of the stuff at "The Rock" being used. There weren't any recruits there when I have been there.

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Best of the Rest – Lt. Richard Nappi, FDIC, Stair Climb, Raising Ladders, TETS, and More!

Wednesday, Willie, Andrew, Mike, and I are heading out for FDIC. Look for a maroon mini-van with license plates "FLEITZ" on it travelling West. The one time family mini-van, grocery getter, and all around Griswaldish hoopty has been recommissioned as the touring van for Willie and I. Beyond that, I occasionally find myself driving it over my truck to and from work.

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