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Fire Bloggers Weigh in on The Brotherhood, Commitment to the Fire Service, and the Chicken vs. the Pig

The discussion within the post mentioned above and the ones linked to below include some great articles about Brotherhood and committment. Some are very committed, others understand the need for improvement. That is where I am at...I have room for improvement. I should train more, train harder, and commit to working out more. Of all people, I am one of those guys who HAS to put my money where my mouth is.

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Beloit Fire Audio Remix…You thought it was funny the first time!

The other day, I posted a video of a house fire in Beloit, Wisconsin (watch the original here). The video is not that great, but the audio is hilarious! I then said it would be hilarious if someone did a remix of the audio/video because I knew it would be funny. Well, someone came through with it. Who you might ask? ELAFF is who. Who is ELAFF? Thats easy... it is Exessive Leather Accessories for Firefighters.

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